My Writing Page
On this page, you will find links to some of my writing. Use of these files require my express permission, and proper credit.
  • I have a link to my Master's Thesis. There are two files. The abstract and the table of contents is found in the first link, and the complete text is on the second link.

  • Below, you will find some of my earlier writings, mostly poetry.

  • I am currently working on an ecological story that is placed in the not-so-distant future. It about one man's journey to forgive himself for his culture's destructive path, and his search for a way to heal the wound. It is called the Sacred Hoop. I'm not ready to put it out there yet, but it is much deeper than anything I have ever written before. I am constantly questioning our society's own self-anihilation, our willingness to keep walking closer and closer to the slippery slope of our own demise. I ask myself how we will find the peace of the Earth within ourselves so that we can see beyond our own selfish desires and begin to walk away from the edge. It is a tough question. Of course, from this stems hundreds of other questions and answers. This story is my search for my own truth.
  • Okay, here's a teaser file. Please remember to respect my rights as a writer.
  • I have just added a post on my discussion page about Biking. I spend a lot of time riding a bike back and forth to work. There are many thoughts that go through my mind as I do this. The discussion link at the top is my way of getting these thoughts out so that I can hone my writing skills, and maybe see if they can actually make sense when I see them on the screen and not in my head. Enjoy!